Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative

Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative is a leading regional Language centre that provides strategic support to revitalise the Language of seven Aboriginal communities, of central to north of NSW. We work closely with Elders, local Language, culture and educational organisations to conduct research, publish accessible grammar-dictionaries and develop engaging education courses and resources

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Djiyagan Dhanbaan
Djiyagan Dhanbaan – Strong Sister Movement promotes:
Sisters gathering in unity with open hearts.
Creating safe spaces to share/yarn.
Self-empowerment and leadership.
Respecting diversity.
Nurturing wellbeing in ourselves and others.
Reviving Aboriginal culture through language and practices.

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Djiyagan Dhanbaan

Djiyagan Dhanbaan means strong sister in Gathang. It is a movement that was formed from a number of events involving local Aboriginal women and girls on Birpai country in 2013.

Djiyagan Dhanbaan come together to share cultural practice, to nurture self and invest in wellbeing at all levels. The strong sister concept is about a woman becoming strong in supporting self and supporting other women. It's about self empowerment and leadership. It's also about respecting diversity and revitalising Aboriginal culture through Language and practices.

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