Our Business

We respond to local community needs on Language initiatives. We support the resource development for Language revitalisation in local education spaces and in the wider community. We support Language learners, teachers and speakers to continue to grow the Gathang Language. We maximise the exposure and visibility of the Gathang Language within the Northern Birrbay community. We support other Gathang Language communities by sharing our practice and resources.

The way Djuyalgu Wakulda does business is guided by five key principles:

Cultural respect – recognising, valuing, observing and celebrating Birrbay culture with cultural humility and respect.


Justice and equity – fostering justice through fair process, transparent decision making and valuing all voices.

Leadership and accountability – demonstrating and fostering leadership and accountability to other Gathang Language working groups, members and communities through Gathang Language governance processes.

Respectful engagement and strong partnerships – sustained, respectful and inclusive engagement and partnerships with local organisations, Language corporations, education groups and community members.

Culturally responsive to systems and services – contributing Northern Birrbay perspectives into the design, delivery and evaluation of policy, programs and services relating to the Gathang Language.